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Buying  a pocket knife, torch or optic in South Africa can raise some questions for an Online Company in South Africa.

General Questions

What will be included in my purchased products?

Whatever you have ordered, and has been confirmed as received and dispatched will be in your package.

This means that you will receive the KnifeTorch (if batteries are included it will state that in the information of the product), Optic or whatever else you have ordered in its manufacturers packaging (unless otherwise stated.)

If you feel that you have not received the correct items PLEASE MAKE CONTACT AS SOON AS YOU RECEIVE the parcel. So if your knife or torch or optic doesn't work the way its meant to please tell me before lambasting me on public forums (hasn't happened yet and I am trying to keep it that way)

Can I post an item overseas?

Currently Blades Beams And Binos does not offer an international courier option. Getting your torch, knife or optic out of South Africa becomes just too expensive. You are more than welcome to organise your own courier however. Please make sure that you are familiar with that country's laws on what can and cannot be imported as Blades, Beams And Binos can not be held liable for any actions taken by people ordering off this site.

Account Questions

I am not getting any reply from your Company

Sometimes, emails goes to SPAM, so also check your SPAM(JUNK) mails. If you haven't received any email from us, please email us at or - just make sure that you have the address correct as they are a bit of a handful to type :-). It is possible that I am having technological issues. Give me a few days I WILL contact you.

If you still aren't getting any attention please make sure that you are not an annoying SEO company constantly spamming me, if you are, I am ignoring you for a reason.

What happens if I order an out of stock item?

If you place an order and we don't have stock of your knife or survival tool or gift, Blades Beams And Binos will give you the choice of waiting for the item to become in stock once again, getting a refund or using the credit on another item of your choice. All with a humble and embarrassed apology! I try and keep the items for sale on the web site current but we have such a large amount of sale stuff sold that sometimes items go out of stock faster than we can keep up with!

What batteries should I use in my Mag-Lite?

Blades Beams And Binos supply and sell EXCELL Alkaline batteries. The batteries are guaranteed to not leak in your Mag-Lite Torch. If you get a battery leak from one of these batteries please post the torch with defective batteries back to us*. The returns address will be supplied as needed to keep people arriving at my doorstep every day.

For your free clean and service**. Please be aware that Mag-Lites and indeed all torches are NOT mortar tubes. DO NOT drop the batteries in from the opening with the torch in the vertical position. Rather hold the torch horizontal and gently slide the batteries in, this will stop most battery leaks, saving you the inconvenience of not having a torch whilst it is being serviced.

*All postage and packaging (including courier) is for your account unless agreed to in writing by Blades Beams And Binos beforehand.

**if it is noted that abuse caused the damage we will quote you for the repairs and you can decide what you want to do before any work is carried out.

What happens if my purchase arrives broken.

Although Blades Beams And Binos takes all precautions to ensure that all goods are dispatched with care, we cannot guarantee that there won't be defective items. If you receive a defective product please notify us immediately at or Sadly we cannot test your pocket knife, torch, optic etc as I had people complaining about buying second hand goods.

Any defective product will be replaced by the same model or one of similar value at our discretion.

Pre-sales Questions

How does the postage and packaging tariff work

Blades Beams And Binos uses Dawn Wing as our courier company. We Charge a flat rate of R70 for all orders. If however your order is Very large there may be a surcharge levied at Dawn Wing's discretion. You will have the final say whether you accept this charge or want a different delivery method. We will email you if this occurs to see what outcome you want. Please be aware that this is for large orders and bulky items. Because South Africa is so large there are some areas that incur an additional R100 surcharge. Please check here for the list.

Do items requiring batteries come with batteries as standard?

Blades Beams and Binos does sell a number of items that already have batteries in them. These items will all be labeled (batteries included). If the item that you want does not say anything about coming with batteries then you can assume that you will need to buy the batteries. We supply batteries for sale on the web site. Just email me ahead of time for batteries as they are quite heavy and will possibly push up the delivery fees.

What if I order an item that you don't have stock of?

If you order an item and we don't have stock you will be notified by Phone or email. You will have the option of a full refund, waiting for us to get stock or changing your order.