National Geographic 3X25 Night Vision


Nat Geo 3×25 Night Vision


National Geographic 3X25 Night Vision

Wether your a neighbourhood watch member or a policeman. If your a hunter or a survival enthusiast. If you live on a plot or in a town that is supplied by any ageing parastatal electricity supplier in South Africa,you will probably need to be able to see in the dark more often that you may like to. I have the old gen 1 night vision and they really aren’t any good. These National Geographic’s are far superior. You can see at night. The unit auto shuts down after 2 minutes to conserve power. You have 60m of IR illumination. 3 x magnification and  a rubberised body.


Great comfort and control. Awesome quality and good field of view and detail. If your looking for an advantage at night and don’t want to fork out R40K for mil spec NVG’s (face it we ALL want them) then this is a good compromise. Add this to your kit of operational gear and make sure to pack those extra batteries. Once you start using NVG’s you tend to keep them glued to your eye. They really are a game changer.

National Geographic Digital night vision device with intergrated infra-red illuminator & adjustable display – 200m Range.Digital Night Vision Device Magnification: 3x Objective Lens :25mm Max Range :200m Infrared illumination :+-60m Dimensions :145x70x42mm / Weight: 180g Included: Night Vision Device, bag, manual, batteries (3xAA)


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