Military cleaning kit. 9mm,12g,223Military cleaning kit. 9mm,12g,223

Police/Military Universal Cleaning Kit. 9mm, .223


Ram Military multi calibre cleaning kit. 9mm,223,12g


Police/Military Universal Cleaning Kit:

I personally have this kit. Comes with all the necessary rods and adaptors to clean just about any 9mm, 223, or 12g weapon. Contained in a handy easy to transport and handle ABS plastic box. This Ram cleaning kit is excellent value for money. As with all Ram products this has been made to the highest specifications that Ram accessories has been known for.

If you have a firearm wether its a handgun, rifle or shotgun you will need a cleaning kit. Even weapons that are not routinely being fired (why would they even exist) need to be properly cleaned and oiled a few times a year at least. A proper well made cleaning kit is an absolute must. Your cleaning kit needs to fit your particular calibre and needs to be used intelligently. If you use it well and pay attention to not abusing your kit it will give you many cleans before needing to be replaced.


4 section take down still gun cleaning rods with rotary handle. Gun cleaning bristle brush (with large and small bristle sections) Phosphor bronze brushes .223 Phosphor bronze brushes 9mm Phosphor bronze brushes 12G Aluminium jag .223 Aiminium jag 9mm 12 gauge wool mop. Cleaning patches Tristol gun oil/solvent 50ml. Adaptor (english thread) small Adaptor (english thread) medium Adaptor (english thread) large

For extra Ram gun oil click here.



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