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Returns Policy

Returns of pocket knives, knives, torches, optics.


  1. Contact us.

    • If you have any issues with your products. PLEASE tell us. Email me on so that I can get the ball rolling on helping you to get your product up and running.


  2. Repairs, Warranty and Guarantees:

    • All of Blades, Beams And Binos products have either a warranty or a guarantee.
    • Where it has been found by Blades, Beams And Binos repair department that there is a manufacturing, material or workmanship defect with a product, Blades, Beams And Binos will repair or replace that product with the same model or one of equal value.
    • No warranty or guarantee will be entertained without proof of purchase.
    • All warranties and Guarantees exclude damage caused by abuse, misuse, loss, improper handling, alterations, neglect and or disassembly.
    • Batteries and globes are consumable items and will only be considered for replacement in exceptional circumstances.
    • All costs associated with returning repairs to Blades, Beams And Binos are the responsibility of the customer even with items under warranty or guarantee.
    • It is not the responsibility of our Area Managers to uplift repairs.
    • Blades, Beams And Binos policy is that we have will first attempt to repair an item before we replace it, we do not credit goods that have been returned for repair.
    • Our repair turn around time is approximately 5 to 7 working days from receipt of the product at Blades, Beams And Binos.
    • Where a client delivers a repair to Blades, Beams And Binos we will sign their repair note and give the client a slip to confirm that we have received the repair.
    • Where an item is delivered to Blades, Beams And Binos without a repair note, Blades, Beams And Binos will supply the client with slip to confirm receipt of the repair.
    • Where we receive goods by either courier (Proof of receipt is the waybill) or our representatives (Proof of receipt is our Repair note)
    • Blades, Beams And Binos ensures that we sign for and supply a valid receipt to all clients where we receive a repair. We cannot honour any claims for items where proof of receipt cannot be shown.


  3. Returns:

    • Blades, Beams And Binos does not do consignment stock.
    • A handling fee will be charged for any goods returned, apart from where Blades, Beams And Binos has made an error.
    • All costs associated with returning stock to Blades, Beams And Binos are the responsibility of the customer.
    • A handling fee of between 10% and 30% will be charged on goods returned depending on the condition in which the items are returned.
    • Blades, Beams And Binos reserves the right not to accept any goods for return where the item or the packaging renders them un-sellable.