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When your looking for gear. Outdoor gear of course. If you want a high quality fighting knife by Spyderco, or a breaching Axe by Gerber. Maybe you are looking for an EMT tool by Enlan, or a kitchen and field knife by Boker. When a 1000 lumen Nextorch, or a bat light by Nebo is your desire. Your in the right place.

We also stock National Geographic Binoculars and Rangefinders, Police torches by Maglite. Red dot sights by Barska and laser pointers too. Gun Lights and rifle cleaning kits, no problem. Chest seals and Tourniquets.
Blades Beams And Binos is dedicated to bringing you well priced knives, torches, axes, optics and as much survival and self defence gear that we can logistically source. If your looking for awesome and personal service then welcome home. You have found it all in one easy to use site.

We believe that YOU the customer are our main priority. We want you to buy the knife, optic, survival gear, self defence tool and outdoor gear that is right for you. We want you to come back every time you need a new knife or optic. To that end we will answer as many emails as you care to write. Our hope is that you find the gear that you need here. All our products are 100% genuine. So pick up a Gerber knife or an Boker axe alongside a National Geographic night sight all at the click of a button.


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