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About Us

Who we are


Blades Beams and Binos started as me trying to get survival, LEO, Outdoor and gift ideas cheaper and with better service than anyone else. If you have been online before and tried to buy a knife, torch, rifle optic or pair of binoculars you will know what I am talking about.

My wife (Emma) used to shop in my favourite outdoor shop for my gifts. Unfortunately the shop closed down. Shortly after Emma started complaining that she now had NO idea what to buy me for gifts. She used to just walk in to her "get out of jail free shop", point at an object, and know that she had a gift that I would love. To be fair, how far wrong can you go with buying a knife, torch or pair of binoculars for a guy as a gift. The fact that its online and you don't have to brave the Johannesburg traffic doesn't hurt either.

Men are easy to buy for but the ladies in our lives don't always seem to get it. For me, if it lacerates, detonates or eviscerates I'm usually happy. Add to this that I am a police reservist and love trying new ways and new toys to make my job easier, it really wasn't much of a leap to get to owning a website that sources and sells all the toys that I love allowing me to buy good binoculars and knives anytime I want to.I can't see how any guy or girl for that matter would not want a knife as a gift. Buying a knife online couldn't be easier as we courier it all to your door.

I really hope you enjoy your shopping experience here and that you find what you're looking for. I hope to hear from you so that I can touch base and hopefully put what you're looking for within your reach.

Our Mission


Our mission is to make shopping easy. 

If you are looking for a gift for a guy or girl we have a ton of choices.

From door opening gifts for LEO (Law Enforcement Officers) members like the Gerber Downrange Tomahawk, to pink book lites for a wife that reads a lot, to lamps for your kids' rooms, we have a large selection.

For men pretty much any knife or torch will suffice. We even have cooking knives for men or women who create masterpieces in their kitchens. Binoculars  for those birders and campers out there.

Keyring lites and tactical pens just make life easier.

If we can help you buy the perfect gift for the perfect person then we have achieved our mission and it's all been worth it. 

Our History


I spent time in the British Parachute regiment before coming back home and doing bodyguarding and then Police Work.

I recently became a father and now live to provide and protect my wife and daughter.
I have used most examples of the wares that I sell in either pleasure activities or under extreme pressure.
I trust my products and use them myself to provide the level of protection and ease that I feel I need in my life.

I feel that having a knife in my pocket just makes my life a hell of a lot easier than not having one.
That doesn't mean that I feel that I need one solely for protection. A knife is SO MUCH MORE than a weapon. From opening dog food bags and horse food bags to opening up my daughter's toys and cutting off the tags from her clothes, I use my knife probably 7 times EVERYDAY. Once you carry one you're seriously going to wonder how the hell you ever managed without one. Likewise with a torch. I have a Maglite XL 50 with me everyday. It helps me in stables when I drop tools and at night when i drop my keys or Amber's favourite toys fall under the car. I use it when Eskom once again kicks out the power so that I can find the rest of my torches (we don't really use candles anymore as it's cheaper to run a 3D Mag lite than a candle, not to mention a damn side safer). I love looking around at the planet and when going to the Pilansberg for camping weekends and races I love doing game drives. My daughter loves looking through the binoculars to look at elephants and trying to find fairies. All the equipment I sell is stuff that I love and find makes life simpler, funner or safer.

Welcome to my Aladdin's cave of toys.