Am I A Nutcase Because I Carry A Knife?

Ever pulled out your favourite folder at a braai in order to test the steak? Had some comments? I think we all have. A knife wether its a Folder or a fixed blade does occasionally draw some attention. Yes sometimes its from you neighbour, who’s a lawyer, telling you that your going to get arrested, blah blah blah. But a lot of the times its from like minded guys who want to see it and touch it and occasionally guys who wish they didn’t feel quite so self conscious and are embarrassed that people will think that they are weird.

OK so we have all see the guy in full camo’s, Including shoes and hat, pulling out his knife (in full combat mode with the obligatory flick and the check over the shoulder manoeuvre before re-sheathing) just so that he can stab the fly that landed on his plate. They exist, just smile and nod. I don’t think he is the typical knife carrier.

I carry, usually more than one knife because I love the look of them and the feel and the versatility. I mean I seriously use mine more than 5 times a day on a normal day. I use my folders for cutting open bags and coke 6 packs, the folding knife is awesome for this. The blade fits in easily between the edges of a box for cutting the pesky tape keeping it together. My Gerber Paracord Fixed Blade is brilliant for meat and opening packs of meat as there are no serrations on it for meat to get stuck in and no locking mechanism that are difficult to clean out.

Christmas Day? I will definitely have my knives to hand as there is nothing worse than the Alcatraz style wrapping done at some shops and your mom still insists that you SAVE the paper for next year!!!?? I just slide the blade in open up the tape. Obviously it would help if it was Sharp ,Super Sharp

Yes there is the self defence option, and face it there really is a sense of safety in the feeling of knowing that if those 4 guys in the car park are here to mug you that you can protect your wife and kids while they run, pulling out a Fast Folding Knife. Should ALWAYS be a last resort. But if that is your ONLY resort it might be nice to have one.

You are more than likely never going to use a knife in a fight but as to every day for other uses? Yup I think you’ll get to day 3 of carrying and wonder how the hell you ever got on without one. Kinda like torches as far as I am concerned.

Anyway thanks for getting to the end of my blog. Now go out and get a Good Lock knife

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Merry Christmas.