Fathers Day Gifts. Ranging from Useful to Ultimate.

Fathers Day Gifts

We all love getting gifts. We sometimes even enjoy going out and buying the gifts, but lets face it one of the most stressful things most people do is go shopping for a gift when you have absolutely no idea what to get. Christmas is a prime example of this. Where everyone runs around like headless chickens trying to find “the perfect gift”……that you can afford. This Fathers Day I am going to try and give you a helping hand choosing gifts for dad.

Ultimate Fathers Days Gifts..

Ok in the ultimate fathers day gifts range we have some awesome (but not cheap) knives, torches and optics. I will start with my favourite folder. The Spyderco Civilian. This is a serious self defence type folding knife. If your looking for expensive but a more all rounder type blade then Spyderco Endura 4 is a very good option. On the Lighter side of life we have the Maglite and Nextorch options. Maglite has awesome torches backed by awesome after sale service. Used by military, police and security services around the globe they really are great quality. The ML300LX is a seriously bright torch but still maintains its slimline and the ability to wield it easily as a torch…or a club if it comes down to it. The Saint 1 is VERY bright. Kicking out 1000lumens it really is a beast. Not the smallest of torches but most definitely a serious power house. Of course if your dad is more into “bird” watching of, any definition. You may want to consider a way of aiding his eye sight and bringing his favourite views closer to him. National Geographic make brilliant Spotting scopes as well as Binoculars.

Useful fathers days gifts.

Useful gifts are awesome. I always try and get people stuff that they can actually make use of. No I don’t buy people socks or nail clippers. I got those as a kid and they sucked as badly then as they do today. However a proper survival knife can’t be sneezed at. The slightly more affordable Ultimate is also a brilliant knife. As for everyday carry options have a look at Boker’s range of knives. More pocket friendly torches? Yup, we have them. Again Maglite makes some beauties! The ability to carry a torch in your pocket that can light up a serious garden is quite a feat. It’s also quite possible with this. Your dad a gun nut? How about a torch to attach to his favourite rifle?

If your dad is perpetually lost you can always buy him compass. If he likes braise there is the Tonglite. If your dad is a reader then maybe a mobile reading lite is a good way to go? If your dad complains about dead batteries on his phone or iPod or whatever device he has then maybe a backup battery is an option? Theres also the multitool option. The multitool is a really cool idea. Allowing you to carry a blade, can opener, pair of pliers and various other useful tools all in one easy tool. We also have slightly smaller binoculars and rifle optics here.

If your dad is into the outdoors then maybe some of scouts gear will be a winner for you. Water bottles are great for the adventurous type that hikes and walks a lot. Keyring tools are also a great idea. As is a pocket knife.  We even have keyring’s here for you. Fishing, Wrench and Motorbike shapes for your every taste.

If you like awesome torches that look cool and are a bit multifunctional then look at the Nebo range. There really is no end to the gifts that dad will love sold here. Pretty much everything on my site is a guy gift so click on the links and choose your dad a gift that he can actually use and appreciate.

If you need further help. Just ask. I am more than willing to help. craigh@bladesbeamsandbinos.co.za