Interview with a Police Reservist about his equipment.

SO we at Blades Beams And Binos thought we would ask a Police Reservist what he carries at work and on a day to day basis. We may even do a series on it :-). It is interesting to see how many police use Maglite and Spyderco. They really are awesome products. I guess its obvious that the [police carry torches. And a knife is pretty much standard equipment for most people these days.

Date 22 December 2015

Name: Craigh Ramsden.

Vocation: Horse Dentist. SAPS Reservist. Years in Vocation. I’ve been a Horse Dentist for about 9 Years I think and a Reservist for 7 years. Where Do you live. I live in Johannesburg North. Favourite Mode of transport: I don’t do Cars. I LOVE my motorbike. To the point that I don’t own a car. I think you have to be mad to face South African roads, traffic jams, Broken Robots etc in a Car. Especially when you can just nip through traffic on a bike. Most People might disagree with that, surely bikes are dangerous?: I know people that have been injured just as badly in car crashes as bike crashes. It comes down to your skill level, care you take on your bike, and how much time you spend praying 🙂

Do you carry a gun, knife or torch in your day to day life? All 3 actually. I carry a Gerber Paracord  fixed blade dagger on my belt, a CRKT folder in my pocket. I carry a Maglite XL50  in my pocket. I can’t tell you just how often I use my knives and torch each day. Its frightening. From opening Packets to looking in horses mouths they are both in costant use.

What do you carry on duty with SAPS? I carry my duty pistol and mags. I then carry my CRKT folder, my Maglite XL50, a Lite Express X-Tactical 105 torch, a Maglite 2D LEDNextorch HeadlampGerber Diesel multitool, Spare rechargeable batteries for my torches, True Utility Recoil, thats for Handcuff keys. Police equipment is a varied concept and changes depending on what your doing and what season it is.

And that ALL fits in your pockets!!? Hahahaha. Yeah, it fits in my pockets and on my Bullet proof.

Do you think knives and torches are solely for police use? Not a chance. I think that the Police equipment part is pretty much the bullet proof, pepper spray and duty firearms, but I know a fair amount of people who carry the rest of this gear as car carry etc and don’t see it as police equipment. I use my knives and torches on a daily basis when out of uniform. A knife has so many uses. I use them for opening dog food, horse food bags, Plastic bags that have had their angles tied too tight to open. Gifts I buy my daughter that always seem to come cable tied up. opening beer bottles (carefully so I don’t skewer myself or, more importantly, Damage the knife). Cutting ropes and cloth, checking my steaks on the bar. The list is pretty much endless. Yes they are also useful for fending off africa growing crime epidemic, but really Guns are better for that and if you get the Opening and you are able, RUN!!! Torches are no less useful. I like Maglite But I also have Nextorch, and a lot of others.


What on Blades Beams and Bino’s are you still wanting?  As soon as I can afford a Szabohawk or the Spyderco Pygmy I am getting one. They are awesome looking tools and Spyderco really does come up with goods on quality.

Anything else you would like to say: Thanks for having me and for supplying me with tools at a good price and fast service. Awesome website. Keep it up. And let me know when you get more Spyderco knife shipments.

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Thanks for reading this interview. Have a fantastic holiday.