Knives For Sale In South Africa

Knives for sale in South Africa

These days it seems everything is for sale. We can do our entire weeks shopping at most Johannesburg robots. Especially the morning after its rained and all the lights are out. We seem to then have every entrepreneur from the local area out in force with coat hangers, sunglasses, super glue, bananas, mielies, phone chargers and kids toys. However to find a good knife for sale in South Africa your going to have to look elsewhere. You can buy a folder (pocket knife) or fixed blade in just about every corner store, but if you want one that won’t fold or break on you and that will hold an edge, your going to have to look a bit further up the food chain.

Much like buying a car or a horse. A firearm or a motorbike, every one has personal taste and also every persons needs are different. Are you looking for a kitchen paring knifeor a skinning knifePerhaps your looking for something a little more useful around a camp site. Are you looking for a multi tool, or maybe your looking for an Every Day Carry knife (pocket knife). Then you get the choice of fixed blade or a folder. I have to admit that overtime I see a knife for sale in South Africa i do have to stop and look. Its a weakness of mine 🙂


Buying your knife for South Africa.

As you can see there are A LOT of knives in South Africa to choose from. I use pocket knife here as any knife that will go into a pocket. If you view a pocket knife as a multi tool type knife then thats cool, just understand the way I label 🙂 Choosing can be quite daunting. I will try and give a few guidelines here on finding the right knife for sale for you. Steel types:Types of steel is a WHOLE new subject. Spyderco have done a marvellous job of breaking it down have a look here.

Personally I carry multiple knives everyday including fixed blade and folders. You see I feel that buying a knife in South Africa is a necessity. I feel almost naked without one. Now this isn’t just because I am slightly paranoid. I use a knife about 8 times a day. I use them for opening up beer and water packs, for opening up braai packs on weekends. I have an awesome daughter who occasionally wants gifts (just occasionally 🙂 ) and these are usually pretty well wrapped. Yes you can managed to open them with your hands, however even Clark Kent is going to struggle with the cable ties used to keep most Barbies from escaping their boxes. For Cable ties this works pretty well. For a soldier looking for a last ditch weapon this would work. You see buying a knife for South Africa does vary a lot depending on what exactly you need it for.

Everyday Carry (EDC) Folder and Fixed Blades (pocket knife).

Personally I suggest a good Folder to anyone wanting to carry a knife. Folders are knives that fold allowing the blade to fold back into the handle. They come lockable or not lockable. I would only suggest getting a non lock blade if you will be travelling to countries where lock blades are illegal. A lock blade means that once the blade is fully extended that a lock automatically activates stopping the blade from closing at an inopportune time. Some countries (the UK and Denmark to name 2) frown on lock blades so don’t carry them there. A folder allows you to carry a knife in your pocket unobtrusively so that you can get at it any time in order to open bags, containers, boxes etc. It is an unobtrusive knife and doesn’t leave you looking like a Die Hard fan if people happen to see it. If your looking for a self defence blade then the folder (pocket knife) will double up perfectly as a self defence and utility knife. A fixed blade is faster into action (depending on sheath, carry position and training level), they also don’t fold so you don’t have to worry about lock failures, they do however look a little more aggressive, are harder to conceal and may raise some eyebrows with SAPS especially with some of the bigger ones. Everyone has knives in South Africa, its just a case of what you want to carry.

Buying your camp knives in South Africa  

Camp knives are a slightly different kettle of fish. For camping you may want to keep a few things in mind. Your knife can range from anything from a folder to a machete. It does rather depend on what you plan on using it for. Are you planning on going to the Pialansburg to a camp site, where your only really going to need to thin some firewood for kindling. You may need to notch a tree for a guy rope a fixed blade or folder will work here? Or are you planning for something a little more rugged. Going through the Okavango or maybe the zombie apocalypse. In the later scenario you may want to consider that you may be chopping trees down, trimming branches, splitting logs. Building shelter and making fires are also possible. In the more rugged frame your going to want to look at a knife and an axe type. If you want one tool to do all this and dig holes etc maybe look at this. Your going to struggle skinning with the Tomahook, but its not impossible.

Throwing axe, digging tool, self defence weapon, door breacher and Bug out bag tool all rolled into one mean package

To summarise, knives are needed for all aspects of life in South Africa, they are just as important in foreign lands however we do seem to have more use for them here. I would suggest starting with a small folder (pocket knife) and exploring from there. It is budget and use dependant but its always well worth the investment to have good knives. You are in the right place here if your thought is where do I find a knife for sale in South Africa that is going to last and has a guarantee.

Also don’t forget to keep your blades sharp. Not much point in having knives in South Africa if the resemble a rolling pin rather that a blade is there 🙂

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email me and

Thanks for getting to the bottom. Have a fantastic day.