Life In South Africa

Life In South Africa

I am a South African. I was born at the Joburg Gen. (Johannesburg General Hospital) where my mom was a mid wife and nurse. That was back in 1979. To say things have changed is an understatement. For a start we lived on a farm. We had 24 acres in Nooitgedacht. When  my mom bought the farm we didn’t even get a set of house keys. There were no locks, or at least none that we could use. We had a 4 strand barbed wire fence to keep our cattle in (possibly also to keep 3 screaming kids off the road-Not sure how successful it was). And you know what? It was ok. We used to get dropped off at the top of the street from Nooitgedacht pre school (my sister was at the Primary school opposite.) We walked home (the 3 of us) with not a care in the world. We didn’t know about self defence. The closest thing we had to weapons was a seriously aggressive Turkey called Tom. If my mom had a knife that was for anything other than kitchen use I will eat my hat.

I have a friend that now lives 4 farms up from where I grew up. He calls me on a weekly basis with news that his house has been hit again. Thankfully all the robberies have been of outbuildings. But with Video Shop (a turd of a squatter camp) up the road from them they are worried that its only a matter of time. They have electric fences, dogs, beams and alarms. Its now time for them to get some guns. In the mean time while they wait for the CFR (Central Firearm Register) to do its thing they are looking at paint ball guns and crossbows. I suggest Knives and axes naturally as they are far more devastating both mentally and physically if weapons are needed. Its a sad day when you need a knife or any self defence weapons to live in your own house. You got to wonder how we got from there to where we are now. I drive around the areas I grew up in. Nooitgedacht, randburg, chartwell. I used to do paper rounds on a bicycle in some of these ares, now….. Now I drive around in a police car fully armed and refuse to go out of I am not issued a firearm.

Sadly South Africa has taken a nose dive. With prolific theft, rape, murder and attacks. A police force that is woefully undermanned, educated and equipped. SAPS is doing its best but seems to be loosing. Less cops but more people in the areas that we patrol doesn’t add up to happy policing. Elevated violence being used by our criminal elements. Its time sadly to realise that the days of walking Sunny South Africa’s streets, sans a knife or a clue as to basic self defence and weapons handling are done. If you live in South Africa, and don’t have a weapon you are almost begging to be a statistic. No its not all doom and gloom. We have millions of people doing their level best to drag us back into the light kicking and screaming. But you got to wonder if when you look up the food chain, to our leaders. What chance have we got when the lower incomes are looking for role models to follow and they see MPs throwing punches in parliament……..

Folks I love my country. I am a South African. I don’t agree with everything that is happening in my country and I hate the fact that good people are being victimised and abused daily. I hate that people are afraid. Afraid of the future. Afraid of the present. Afraid of going out of their houses or walking their dogs. I hate that we need to carry weapons. I hate that my wife has a knife and that I badger her daily about self defence training. I suggest that we as South Africans start to take our self defence a little more seriously. Start training. People like the MDW guys will teach you in a calm and efficient manner. There are shooting instructors aplenty and people that will teach you how to drive offensively and defensively. If you need names please just email me and I will happily give you there names. They are individuals and not companies which is why I have refrained form using their names here.

Get a grasp on what you can and should do. Arm yourselves. find a self defence system to train. Lean how to use a knife or any of the many weapons available to you. Look out for you and yours. Not my usual stuff I know but I think people need to be more proactive about their safety and that of their families. If I can help one person live through a tough situation or point them in the direction of someone to teach them then I haven’t wasted my time typing this out.

Be safe folks.