The Boker Buffalo Soul 42 is a brilliant fixed blade knife with a sheath

Böker Buffalo Soul 42 Micarta

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Böker Buffalo Soul 42 Micarta Fixed Blade


Böker Buffalo Soul 42 Micarta

As a competent and rugged fixed blade knife for daily use, the Buffalo Soul 42 is one of the most modern designs from Arbolito. The new version has the same technical features as the previous versions, but is equipped with handle scales made of milled canvas mircata. The N695 blade features a rugged stonewash finish, and the black leather sheath securely holds the knife on the belt ready for deployment. Overall 23.3 cm. Bl. 10.1 cm. Thickness 4.8 mm. Weight approx. 217 g

This Is An Awesome Fixed Blade Knife Plus Sheath By Boker.

This fixed blade is a truly rugged well put together piece of kit. The leather sheath is sturdy and holds the knife securely. The best part is the Micarta grip. The texturing is amazing and really grippy. When you hold it your fingers find really good purchase on the handle and you know that the knife is going to stay there. The knife fits comfortably in your hand and with the finger gimping on the top of the handle for your thumb and the thickened top of blade allowing for thumb rest allows for really accurate cutting and whittling for delicate precise work. If your looking for an everyday carry and field knife then this really isn’t a bad choice. It is an excellent field knife. The steel is thick and capable of heavy work. The sheath is comfortable and sits well on a belt or webbing system.

Overall length: 23,3 cm Blade length: 10,1 cm Weight: 217 g Blade thickness: 4,8 mm Blade material: N695 Handle material: Micarta Lock: feststehend

Since 1983 our subsidiary Boker Arbolito, Argentina produces high quality hunting and kitchen knives, demonstrating highest production quality and material selection for professional use, outdoor activities or knife collectors.


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