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Barska multi recticle Red dot optic

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Barska Multi-Reticle Green and Red Electro Sight

Barska are manufactures of quality optics. Used by hunters, gamers, adventurers all over the world. They label themselves as manufactures of sport optics and deliver on the promise. Unlike going to the china mall and spending R800 on a cheap piece of junk you are spending a few hundred rand more here and getting an optic made with end user retention in mind. Barks value their reputation and want to keep it in tact.

Red Dot Rifle Optics In South Africa.

The red dot site is making huge inroads into all shooting disciplines in South Africa. The red dot makes target acquisition faster and more accurate. Instead of looking for a faint cross hair and looking for the correct junction in a hurry you are looking for a bright red or green (you get to choose) dot. Put the dot on the target, squeeze the trigger, and watch the target drop. Awesome for use in CQB battles for airsoft or in home protection against burglars, this site is made to make fast accurate shots when it counts. You have the ability to co-witness with iron sites and you get to choose different brightness levels.

Variable Brightness And Colour

The ability to change brightness may sound a bit silly but when you consider that if you are walking own the Karoo or in winter when its hasn’t rained in South Africa and everything is super reflective, then having a low brightness setting on red may make the dot all but invisible. Changing to the brightest setting or changing to free makes the dot that much more visible. Change the time of day to night and you now want the brightness toned down so that you din’t blind yourself so you lower the power on the site.

The Barska AC11704 Multi-Reticle Green and Red Electro Sight is high impact rated to withstand large caliber punishing recoil. This multi-reticle panoramic sight is built with a standard 5/8” mount that is ideal for handguns, shotguns, crossbows, AR-15, M-16, and other similar rifles. It features 4 different red and green reticle patterns, rheostat illumination setting, and is powered by a lithium battery. With a screen size of 22 x 33mm, this sight provides unlimited eye relief and an almost unlimited field-of-view.BARSKA AC11704 MULTI-RECTICLE ELECTRO SIGHT, GREEN/RED IR 1X 22MM

Features: 4 Different Reticle Patterns Red/Green Reticle Illumination 22mm x 33,mm Screen Size Unlimited Eye Relief High Impact Rated


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