Boker Plus Rambler

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Boker Plus Rambler

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Boker Plus Rambler

When you are considering a small fixed blade as a back up knife or everyday carry blade then your on the right page. The overall length is 13.7 cm of which the blade takes up 6.8 cm and the thickness is 3.1mm. weighing in at 60g un sheathed. The black and blue G10 scales are gorgeous and well made. Out of the box you can shave paper with this blade so be careful with it. The Spine has a really generous thumb ramping allowing great control over fine cutting.

Everyday Carry

When you are looking for an everyday carry knife it helps to have something small and concealable that is fast into action and study enough to withstand whatever life throughs at you. Including people, cable ties, stubborn packaging and envelopes. The Rambler will do all of the above and do it in a small easy to control package. Not the biggest of knives making it ideal for ladies or gents with small hands. Also great as a last ditch knife when everything else has been lost. Easy to hide because of its size. It comes with a comfortable leather sheath but you can quite easily get a custom kydex sheath made for this guy if you prefer.

This design, by Austrian knifemaker Raimund Lhotak, stands out with its unconventional yet appealing appearance. Due to the slim handle and the generously dimensioned thumb ramp, the compact Rambler rests comfortably in your hand. The black and blue G-10 scales and the satin finished blade create an attractive, classy look. The blade is made of high performance 440C stainless steel. Includes a leather sheath with belt loop.

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Overall length: 5 3/8″. Weight: 2 oz. Overall length: 5 3/8″ Blade length: 2 3/4″ Weight: 2.0 oz. Blade thickness: 0.1″ Blade material: 440C Handle material: G-10 Designer: Raimund Lhotak. 02BO182

1 review for Boker Plus Rambler

  1. Waheeb Abader

    What a great little knife that feels like its a whole lot bigger than it actually is.
    The weight is quite substantial and this leads to a very good feel to the knife. I have fairly big hands, so I thought that it might have been a problem that the knife has such a short handle, but I can tell you that it is no problem at all. The blade appears to be small, but once handled and used, it is definitely a good size.
    I will be adding paracord onto the handle which has a hole that appears to be big enough to thread some paracord through it. This should improve the feel even more.
    The sheath is okay. It could have been better, but it serves its purpose. Perhaps a kydex sheath might be better.

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