The Gerber DMF folding knife is a selfdefence tool designed for everyday carry. You can't get much better.

Gerber DMF Modified Clip Point Folding Knife. Serrated. Out Of Stock

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Gerber Dmf Modified Clip

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Gerber DMF Modified Clip Point Serrated Folding Knife.

Your looking for a self defence knife. You want an everyday carry knife that is made by a company that wants you alive long enough to come back and buy again. You want a folding knife. How about buying an everyday carry folding knife made by Gerber? Does that sound like a plan? Because it does to me. Not only is the DMF not only a very sturdy Folding knife that seems to be tailor made for everyday carry. But its an awesome looking weapon at the same time. What a gorgeous knife. Half serrated so you have to choice of using the plain edge for normal cutting and the serrated edge for ropes etc. DMF means Dual Multi Function. What this means is that the knife has Dual thumb studs (for opening) and dual wedge lock release buttons so you can use this beast left or right handed.

Everyday carry and pommel Strike.

A folding knife of this calibre should cost a lot more. The weapon has been made in America and has been deigned to within an inch of its life. and it handles brilliantly. I love the feel and the textured grip is awesome. I’m not sure in reality what else you need from a self defence knife. It is robust, the blade is black, the edge is sharp, the locking mechanism bullet proof and the finger chills are deep to help keep the blade securely in your hand. You can carry this left and right handed and even use the pommel strike to break windows or to get some point strikes.

The manual opening DMF Folder brings the much sought after tactical innovations and technologies of the Automatic DMF to a large, ambidextrous-use knife. Textured G-10 handle gives the DMF Folder a sure grip and maintains a perfect weight balance.Blade Length: 3.5 in. Open Length: 8.4 in. Closed Length: 4.8 in. Weight: 6.2 oz.. Manual Opening (No springs)Wedge Lock – Ambidextrous blade releaseReversible Pocket Clip (optional carry)Pommel – Striking for defense or egressG-10 Handle – Sure grip with bare hands or glovesModified Clip Point BladePartially Serrated Tactical Blade . 22-31-000582

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Weight 150 g
Dimensions 15 × 14 × 4 mm


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