The Gerber Mini Paraframe is a great utility everyday carry knife.

Gerber Paraframe Mini Stainless Fine Edged Folding Knife.


Gerber Paraframe Mini


Gerber Paraframe Mini Stainless Fine Edged Folding Knife.

When your looking at carrying a knife you need to have a few considerations. One of which is use (what am I carrying it for) and another would be concealment. If you want a knife for fighting, then this isn’t it. This guy is too slow into action and not really made for the task. However if you are looking for a decent blade, sharp and easy to maintain, that you can safely carry and use for non combat uses. This will do nicely. Its a fairly small knife measuring in at 6” when opened. However, it is sharp. It has a belt clip. It is easy to carry either on your belt or pocket. If your in a tight spot it will still be useful in a fight but its not a quick opener. Gerber has made a great utility folding knife here. If you want an everyday carry blade then you really can’t go wong here.

The smallest of the eight knives in the Paraframe series, the Mini is based on the same frame-lock design. It’s a beautifully simple open frame knife with a fine-edge blade that is lightweight, easy to clean and opens effortlessly. Built with a smooth stainless steel handle and a clip for secure travel, the Paraframe Mini is what a small everyday carry folder should be. Its easy to carry as an everyday carry utility knife.  Made from good quality steel and has Gerbers name behind it. If you look at everyday carry blades you will see that Gerber does make a lot. This utility knife is certainly one of the better small knives out there.

Overall Length:6″ Blade Length: 2.22″ Closed Length: 3.07″ Weight: 1.4 oz. Lock Mechanism: Frame-lock Blade Style: Clip Point Blade Material: High Carbon Stainless Blade Type: Fine Handle Material: Stainless Steel Opening Style: One-handed opening . 22-48485

Additional information

Weight 150 g
Dimensions 15 × 14 × 4 mm


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