The Nebo iProtec HP190 gunlight is a 190 Lumen torch designed for use on firearms with rails for use in law enforcement and send defense.

Nebo iProtec Elite HP190 Lumen Gun Light

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Nebo iProtec Elite HP190 Lumen Gun Light


Nebo iProtec Elite HP190 Lumen Gun Light.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again. Gun lights are not a nice to have. If you carry at all then you will know that you need to see in order to hit, this is especially relevant at night. Yes I know that Instructor Zero can hit on instinct alone, but face it most of us don’t spend as much time or ammunition in training as he does and even he has a gun torch! At night, in your house, on your plot, by the side of the road, light is usually an issue. Be it Eskom, lightning, or a wish to surprise your intruder, you may find yourself walking in the dark. Consequently the ability to have a light pointing in the same direction as your firearm is a big plus. The fact that you can fend off an attacker with your left hand. Or get your wife out the way with your left hand whilst simultaneously pointing your firearm AND torch at an attacker with your right hand can only be seen as a bonus in any self defense or law enforcement situation. Nebo are constantly making better and better equipment for good prices.

High Powered Gun Light.

Having a high powered gun light gives you a distinct advantage in night combat and self defense situations. I know you can carry a torch in your weak hand and a firearm in your strong hand FBI style and that it has been tried and tested and it worked….kinda…most of the time. I can tell you from experience that it is not that much fun. I have tried several techniques and all of them fall short. From having the light off centre to the gun, through involuntary magazine ejections, to loss of control I have had it all. Having a gun light on in a self defense or law enforcement setting is quite simply invaluable. Trying to use the torch and separate light source in a selfdefense application is just too much to do under pressure as far as I am concerned.

The iProtec HP190 gun light gives you 190Lumens of light, on target. The anodized aircraft aluminum body is waster and impact resistant so you can drop it and it can get rained on (both within reason) without going down. The HP190 outputs 190 lumens of intense white light which for a gun torch is pretty impressive. Light of this magnitude is enough to dominate an aggressor’s night adapted vision; ideal for military, law enforcement and self-defense. This gun torch will fit on Glock rail systems.


LIGHT • High-power 190 lumen LED

LIGHT MODES • Light: 190 Lumens – 1 Hour / 92 Meters • Strobe: 190 Lumens – 2.25 Hours / 92 Meters

MOUNT STYLE • Adjustable hinge mount design; no tools required • For rail-equipped pistols and long guns; does not fit subcompacts

DESIGN • Anodized aircraft-grade aluminum; water and impact-resistant

OPERATION • Side-positioned ON/OFF toggle switch

BATTERIES • 1 CR123A battery included

SPECS • Size – (L) 3.375” x (W) 1.625” x (H) 1.5” • Weight – 0.2 lbs.

U.S. PATENT • D 700,674