the iProtec O2 white light gun light kit. With universal mount and pressure switch.

iProtec O2 Beam. White Gun Light Kit.

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iProtec O2 Beam. White Gun Light Kit.


iProtec O2 Beam. White Gun Light Kit.

Here again iPrtoec bring us a quality, affordable weapons light. This gun light has all the bells and whistles. A gun clamp that allows attachment of the gun light to the weapon of your choice. Ok you will have to attach it to a rifle or shot. Any scope or barrel from 20mm to 32.5mm can be clamped with this clamp. The gun light is activated by either a switch on the side of the torch (for instant strobe) or by the 2 stage pressure switch which great for tactical movement with a torch.

Adjustable Torch Beam

The torch is awesome. As a gun light you get to decide what “zoom” you want. You can have a very focused (tight) beam or more of a spot light. You can also select wether you want it as “Bright”, “medium”, “Low”or “Strobe”. The universal gun clamp also has a rail on the bottom end for attacking any other tactical gear you may want. The pressure switch attaches to your chosen spot to be easily operated buy your week hand on demand.

The iProtec O2 BEAM uses patented Optimized Optics Technology to achieve a very impressive beam of light. The natural tendency of light is to disperse into infinite directions, so we use optics to focus the light’s intensity in one direction. The Optimized Optics bend the light toward the center of the beam. The result is a hotter, brighter spotlight with the lowest power consumption in its class. Using the universal clamp allows you to add the torch to your rifle, scope or shotgun. Using it on your rifle or long gun you can also use the rail attachment on the base of the clamp to add any other suitable device.


High powered 400-Lumen LED flashlight that utilizes optimized optics technology 4-light modes: 100%: 400-Lumen – 1640 ft. – 4-hours 50%: 200-Lumen – 719 ft. – 8-hours 10%: 40-Lumen – 151 ft. – 15-hours strobe: 400-Lumen – 1640 ft. – 72-hours Universal long gun mount accommodates barrel and scope diameters from 20 mm to 32.5 mm Tactical edge Convex lens 4X adjustable beam Anodized aircraft-grade aluminum Water and impact-resistant Instant strobe side button Mount includes accessory rail system for mounting additional accessories (18 mm x 24 mm) Standard end cap; dual-mode pressure switch Uses steady and momentary activation Universal mount Dual-mode pressure switch 3 AAA batteries included 1-year limited warranty Click here for more information on Electronic Recycling Programs