The iProtec red gun laser sight. Awesome in self defense situations.

iProtec Red Gun Laser With Pressure Switch

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iProtec Red Gun Laser With Pressure Switch


iProtec Red Gun Laser With Pressure Switch

For quick aiming and the ultimate cool-intimidation factor, I am not sure that you can beat a laser light. In a self defense situation you don’t often have time to think, let alone aim, hence the laser sight. Bolted to the rail of your long gun or hand gun. The laser light is easily accessible to give you a precise aim point with the flick of a switch or the press of a button.

Laser sight.

Because the laser is adjustable all you need to do is bolt it to your rail. Their are no tools necessary for this. Then look down your sights and line up the dot to where the sites are. Once you have done this, go down to the range and make sure that everything is in alignment. Now whenever get into hot stuff all you need to do is turn the laser on. The light itself is intimidating. If the threat is still their make sure that the laser is touching whatever you want to hit and pull the trigger (I assume that it is either a target or someone trying to kill you).

Self Defense

The RMLSR uses a 5-milliwatt, 650 nanometer laser to sight up to 412 meters away. The laser is controlled by the standard cap for use with a hang gun, or by the pressure switch for use with a long gun. Great for use in Self defense situations where you don’t have time to aim. Because self defense scenarios are so fast paced and hectic weapons manufacturers decided it may be helpful to make a sight that requires very little skill to use. Hence the laser sight. Great on any handgun with a rail and any long gun wth a rail.

Specifications:  LASER

• Red, adjustable (<5mW / 650nm) 4 Hours / 412 Meters

MOUNT STYLE • Adjustable hinge mount design; no tools required • For rail-equipped subcompacts, pistols and long guns

DESIGN • Anodized aircraft-grade aluminum; water and impact-resistant • Accessory rail system for mounting additional accessories (18mm x 24mm)

OPERATION • Side-positioned ON/OFF switch; pressure switch

ACCESSORIES • Pressure switch included • Laser adjustment screwdriver included

BATTERIES • 1 CR1/3N battery included

SPECS • Size – (L) 1.875” x (W) 1.5” x (H) 1.25” • Weight – 0.15 lbs.

U.S. PATENT • D 700,674