Nebo Q series subcompact gunlight and green laser/

Nebo iProtec Q-Series Subcompact Gun Light

R2,209.66 R1,999.00


Nebo iProtec Q-Series Subcompact Gun Light

Here was have a gun light made specifically for subcompact pistols. A gun light and laser combo is awesome for self defense applications. The gun light is smaller and more compact allowing all the toys you could possibly want on the end of a Glock 26 or similar weapon system. This is quite a cool light because it is designed to fit on a sub compact. This has been a complaint for a while that there were not a lot of gun lights designed for back up guns. Those that you could get where monumentally expensive.

Self Defense

The iProtec Q-Series Subcompact Pistol Laser Sight is compatible with pistols and features a fixed-mount design. The laser sight is constructed of aircraft-grade anodized aluminum, which offers lightweight, yet powerful performance, and includes a small hex screwdriver to adjust the windage and elevation to secure your shot. Safety lock on the bottom. This is a great self defense option. You would normally carry a sub compact as a back up gun. This allows you to be a bit more accurate with your subcompact helping you get more shots on target.

Specifications:  Works with pistols Fixed-mount design Adjustable windage and elevation with included small hex screwdriver ON/OFF button on the side Aircraft-grade, anodized aluminum construction for lightweight, yet powerful performance 500-yard range (6117) or 450-yard range (6116) Safety lock on the bottom prevents the unit from being turned on when the light is holstered or stored Includes one 3V lithium battery (6117) or three 3V lithium batteries (6116) 2 hours of continuous illumination (6117) or 3 hours of continuous illumination (6116) with a battery life of up to 10 years


As with all aspects of firearms, you need to train. If you use a gun light and laser combo then you need to train with it so that use is fluid and instinctive. Please don’t rely on the fact that the light and laser are on to keep your alive. You MUST train their use to become proficient.