the Nebo Twyst is a magnetic light, emergency light, lantern and torch all rolled into one awesome tool.

Nebo Twyst Black

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Nebo Twyst Black

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Nebo Twyst Black

A flashlight that does it all …with a TWYST™! The Nebo Twyst is a 3 in one tool. Its a torch a lantern and a work light and emergency light all in one. The lantern is great for camping, and also in houses, stables, garages etc. The work light is a bright 120 degree beam that comes out of the side of the light just below the head. And the torch is fairly well known. The fact that it is a magnetic light doesn’t hurt either.

Added to  the 3 light modes are the stands. The base of the torch has a 3 pronged retractable stand that keeps the light upright. Along with this is the strong magnet that sticks the torch to any metal surface (not aluminium) so it can be used in your cars engine and it DB boards etc.

Nebo Twyst emergency light

A great all round emergency light that has 3 very different modes of operation. The lantern is great. The 360 degree light is great for most communal living (camping, emergency situations.) the work light is great in that the beam is focused in a smaller area that lets you light up the area that you are working in. And the torch is just generally a good idea to have around. The fact that you get all 3 lights in one rugged well made piece of lighting equipment just makes this a brilliant buy whichever way you look at it. especially when you look at it as its suspended upside down from your bonnet because its also a handy magnetic light.

The TWYST™ features a high-power flashlight, work light and lantern all in one! The TWYST™ uses 3D C•O•B LED technology that allows the shaping of light into full 3D patterns, giving optimal,bright, uniform light exactly where it’s needed. The TWYST™ features a 120קbeam pattern in work light mode and a 360ק beam pattern when used in lantern mode. Retractable base stabilizers are positioned at the bottom of the flashlight to give added stability on uneven surfaces. A powerful magnetic base also providesconvenient hands-free lighting. TWYST™… shaping light like never before!

3D C•O•B LED Technology• Fully dimmable beam Retractable Base Stabilizers • Powerful magnetic base Side-positioned ON/OFF button • Tactical edge Anodized aircraft-grade aluminum; water and impact-resistant

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