This is the most amazingly ergonomic, comfortable and cleanable pizza cutter that I have ever had!

Pizza Cutter Multiple Colours. Ergonomic and cleanable




Pizza Cutter Multiple Colours.

Ok so I love pizza. Hang on EVERYONE loves pizza right? We have an awesome tradition in my family in that on a Friday night we all make our own pizzas. This means that my 5 year old gets to get stuck in with us as a family and make her own food. So obviously we needed a pizza cutter,preferabbly ergonomic and cleanable . If we can get a comfortable one (they don’t make those do they??). We have 3 pizza cutters in the house.. Now I personally think that that is too many. So I only planned to use this to do a demo video …


Now I was planning on just making the video and then using the cutter as a demo for sale. Not a chance. I love this ergonomic little guy. This is the ONLY cutter we use now and there are a few reasons for it.


Firstly it is comfortable to use. The ergonomically formed grip is soft and feels awesome. The blade protector clicks in and out of place nicely and the most important part? It is totally cleanable!!! The whole this pulls apart and you can clean the lot.


I know that there is only a small portion of your average cutter that can’t get cleaned but I cannot tell you how much that annoys me. The pizza cutter you can clean OCD style with absolutely no hinderance!! The blade comes out of the box sharp…ok they aren’t Spyderco sharp but as far as a pizza cutter goes its awesome. No you shouldn’t be cutting yourself with it but the guard does go a step towards ensuring that.


The colours are pretty funky. My wife loves green so I got her the green one. My niece loves pink so I got my sister (who didn’t even own a pizza cutter) the red one as that was closest. The pizza cutter is also available in Blue.

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Blue, Green, Red


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