The Ram Panama bush hat. Great as a gift and for Walking, hiking, gardening, bush hikes and living in South Africa

Ram Canvas/Panama Bush Hat. Various sizes


Medium Canvas Bush Hat



Ram Canvas Bush Hat.

Living in South africa means days outside in the garden or hiking. People have outdoor hobbies like hiking, bird watching, bush walking and gardening. We love the outdoors and being out in the sun. However Africa is not for sissies and we have a sun that cares nothing for skin. The Ram bush hat is the answer to that problem. Waterproof with a decent brim that keeps sun off your face and neck. This makes a great gift for anyone that lives outside.

Bird watching and hiking.

Bird watching is a popular hobbies these days. I have friends that love birding. if they already have the books and binoculars then buying a gift can be an issue. At least it was until now. Hikers can also be tricky to buy for. If they already have a knifebinocular set, water purification setwater bottlemulti tool and walking stick ( ok so hikers are easier to buy for) then a hat the answer.

Getting sunburned sucks. The end, we all know and if you have lived in South Africa for more than one season you can attest to this. My wife gives me stick overtime I come home slightly red (or complete lobster). The Ram bush hat will help with the face at least. It is comfortable.It is Good looking. It is water proof and won’t break the bank. It also has appeal to a multitude of different people in different walks of life and as a gift is one of the most neglected and over looked item.

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Canvas Bush Hat with mesh fitted between rim & top for ventilation, with Ramrod logo on front.

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