RAM waterproof bush hat. Great for hiking, walking, bird watching, gardening and spending time in the bush or beach.

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Ram Water Proof Canvas Bush Hat

Thinking of heading out into the bush hiking, fishing or camping? Thinking that you don’t need a hat? Think again. Yes I know because we are South Africans we are all bullet proof and are immune to the sun. However if your planning on enjoying your hiking, fishing, camping then you really should be considering a Ram bush hat.

Ram Makes really good equipment. These canvas hats are well constructed. They keep the sun off. They are sturdy. They also have one of the more important elements…..they look good 🙂

You really can’t over emphasise the importance of a good hat. The ability to remain out of the sun, without having to hide in a forest. Granted you are still going to have to worry about the rest of your body (arms and legs) and no bush hat is going to do that. The only place your likely to find something that big is Mexico, and face it, hiking in a sombrero is really not going to do much for your street cred. Although funnily enough a sombrero for the fishing folk might catch on…the long siestas and the fact that fish like the shade!

On the camping side, having a sturdy hat keeps not only the sun off your dome but it also stops the Wag n’ bietjies from trying to scalp you every 5m! We have tools for the trees that will make life a bit more pleasant like the Gerber Machete. This and the ability to make water drinkable!

I believe in being prepared. No matter what the situation is you really can’t plan well enough. The more you put in, the less your chances of things going BADLY sideways. And if you put in the planning and preparation then at least if it does go wrong you have a better chance of getting out with all your limbs etc still attached.

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