The Spyderco Szabohawk is an awesome self defence tomahawk.

Spyderco Szabohawk With Sheath

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Spyderco Szabohawk With Sheath


Spyderco Szabohawk  With Sheath

If you haven’t yet played with the Spyderco Szabohawk yet YOU NEED TO!! This is pretty much the last word in self defence and tactical tomahawks. Yes I feel I can use the word Tactical with this tomahawk. I know that EVERYTHING these days (including toilet paper) gets the tactical label, if its camouflage or once saw black hawk down, but this is designed solely for tactical use. I am not convinced you could cut timber with this, or batter down doors, however if your stuck with several unpleasant people in front of you, all armed with ill intent aimed at you, then this tomahawk would come into its own.

Designed with selfdefense and close combat in mind

Laci Szabo’s SzaboHawk is a modern tomahawk designed to excel as both a tool and a close-combat and self defence weapon. Constructed from a solid billet of .300-inch-thick D2 tool steel, it features a curved handle that places its center of balance approximately midway along its length, making it faster in the hand than conventional head-heavy designs. This design also allows you to incrementally adjust your grip to vary the impact point of its faceted cutting edge. A flared expansion at the handle’s butt end ensures a positive grip when swung with power and transitions to a functional pry tip at the end of the handle.

The Spyderco SzaboHawk’s cutting edges are flat ground for strength and taper uniformly all the way to the cutting edge. A hammer poll on the opposite side of the head allows it to be used for hammering chores and provides a blunt-impact option during close combat and self defence. Since D2’s chromium content is just below the threshold of stainless steel, the entire blade is cloaked in a durable black titanium carbonitride coating that protects the steel from corrosion and eliminates reflection. The full-tang handle is capped by full-length G-10 scales firmly attached with three sets of Allen screws. Every SzaboHawk is individually hand finished before coating to perfectly blend the profile of the scales and the tang, and the corners of the scales are also radiused for a secure, comfortable grip.

When not in use, the SzaboHawk resides in a custom-molded Boltaron® sheath that covers the entire head and secures with a snap fit. It also comes with a high-quality padded zipper pouch that provides superior protection during long-term storage.

length overall 11.88″ (302 mm) blade length 4.88″ (124 mm) blade steel D2 length closed N/A (N/A) cutting edge 2.16/0.70″ (55/18 mm) weight 24.9 oz (706 g) blade thickness 0.30″ (7.6 mm) handle material G-10 ~ H01

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2 reviews for Spyderco Szabohawk With Sheath

  1. Emma

    this is awesome!

  2. Craigh Ramsden

    A great feeling and very manoeuvrable tomahawk. sells amazing toys

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