Taidea 9″, 4 Stone, Knife Sharpener Out Of Stock

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Taidea 9″ Knife sharpener

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Product Features Bamboo base ensures stable sharpening Internal turnbox for ceramic steels storage Pre-set angles provide guaranteed results Hand Guard for protection Description: Ceramic sharpeners are great for sharpening and retaining edges on an array of knife blades. Excellent in the Kitchen as it features a bamboo base, under which there is an integral snap-in rod storage for your four 9″” ceramic sharpening steels. Two types of Ceramic, purple steels for coarse sharpening and white for fine edge results. 2 sharpening angles and a hand guard ensure safety while you keep your knives sharp.

1 review for Taidea 9″, 4 Stone, Knife Sharpener Out Of Stock

  1. Craigh Ramsden

    I have had my Taidea knife sharpener for 4 years now. It is amazing. I can’t quite get my blades sharp enough to shave with but they slice cleanly through paper and tomatoes are simply one slice veggies now as apposed to the old stab and then saw technique. White stones form major work and the pink ones for fine tuning. GET ONE

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